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Pseudolithos migiurtinus

In the plant kingdom, it doesn’t get much stranger then Pseudolithos migiurtinus. A living fractal obscurity, this warty living stone is native to Somalia and is definitely a long way from home. Growing in grit on hot dry slopes in Africa, pseudolithos aren’t exactly easy to grow in cultivation. Too much water, or not enough and your pseudolithos will turn into expensive mush. I received two in an order from Thailand, this one’s pair quickly rotted after being transplanted. Best to under-pot these in a well draining medium. Mine lives on a heat pad under grow lights, receiving a couple spoonfuls of water a week at best. There are currently 5 species listed under pseudolithos and there could be more but Somelia is a difficult place to practice botany. Read more in an interesting article I found here.

A potential flower bud?

Taken out of context and you might think it’s a picture of some rocks on a beach.

Pseudolithos migiurtinus So Strange.

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