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It’s been frigid cold here in Victoria this past week. Temperatures dropped as low as -10 and a light sprinkling of icy snow coated the city. In the mornings my garden features a series of tropical plant ice sculptures. The two echiums up front have curled up and croaked. A few succulents that didn’t make the cut in the migration met an untimely fate. Mild to some it’s still bloody cold I tend to think these winter months are best celebrated closer to the equator.

On Sunday we took a quick stroll around Government House to see how the plants were fairing.


Frost damaged sonchus acaulis
Even with the best attempts of the resident gardener this sonchus acaulis looks to have met it’s match with this cold weather. Still you never know.

Agave parryi
A few large agave looked healthy enough.

Hardy Succulents
Here’s hoping they live to see the new year.

hardy bromeliad


Mahonia media flowers all winter long.


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  • Carolyn Redinger says:

    I have followed your directions for starting tree peony seed. Here in Western NY it is also cold. My question is now that I have these seeds sprouted and planted, did you put them outdoors when it really warmed up, like after all frost danger is past, or did you take a chance for the early coolness to not affect them? I know I have to keep them moist now, but I am unsure where to keep them between now and late May. Thanks for your good information. I got about half of my seeds to sprout, and now I’ll just see what happens next.

  • Minus ten in Victoria feels colder than minus ten here in Prince George because it is so much damper down there. 🙂 Such lovely photos.Even though the plants top growth dies off their roots are still alive. When it warms up they start growing again.

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