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A fantastic year to be growing plants. We had hardly a rainy day all season. Now with the coming of September rain clouds have been gathering and we’ve had a good dump of moisture. A lushness is being replenished in the lands. The plants are thoughly enjoying the precipitation. Thus I have finally been relieved of my watering duties for a few days; here I have a moment to share a few photos.

A few days ago, as if only for moment my Heurnia Kennedyana bloomed. I acquired this plant via a cutting from the U.K. and have had it for nearly 3 years now. It grew from a grape sized piece to the specimen pictured below. I’ve tried many types of steplia over the years but haven’t had much success. Gangs of mealybugs seem to always gather and gnaw and just when you think they’re all gone you spot a few more. For some reason Heurnia Kennedyana hasn’t had a single one on it. It responds to it’s place on the windowsill and likes a drink weekly in the summer. The flower bud was no bigger than a dime, was spotted one day, flowered the next, and was done. A brief moment for a most unusual flower. Makes me think of surrealist artwork. I thought it might stink but it didn’t have a scent.

Huernia kennedyana
IMG_1551IMG_1551a IMG_1551b IMG_1551c

And while we’re talking flowers. I caught this gymnocalycium species flowering the other day as well.



Autumn colchicum are already popping up…

Now to start planning the great plant migration. So many potted succulents need a warm home for the winter.

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  • Shianne Lee says:

    I love your site, and your plants and ideas etc. fabulous to read all about everything. I love both succulents and cacti (leaning more towards cacti) I am in Balaklava south australia. where exactly are you please. Can anyone come there.

  • maria kokoti says:

    Hi there

    Love your website and your garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking to get the iochroma australe in purple and white. Can you tell me where I can source some seed please?


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