Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

It’s Flowering!

While checking on the downstairs plant lab the other day I noticed my Streptocarpus had started to flower. It’s an unlikely time of year for exotic blooms but I suppose it’s loving life under my new grow light setup. Native to South Africa, Streptocarpus is a relative to African Violets. I’m somewhat new to this genus of plants but so far it’s proven to be a tough, easy to grow specimen. The flowers are out of this world vibrant, almost iridescent.

A nice plant indeed. If anyone might know the species please get in touch.

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Mr Nat. Gardener, Plant Nerd
Tips and tales about gardening in one of the most mild climates in Canada. Specializing in rare and strange plants from far out destinations, this is the story of an obsessed young gardener in Victoria B.C. Let's create more tropical gardens in the garden city on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.