Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

Surely the nicest week we’ve had yet. I’ve worn shorts comfortably for the past few days, the sun flashing hot heat upon all of us greenhouse minions. It’s a blessed time to be working outside and I’m loving every minute of it. The greenhouses are almost filled to capacity and it’s incredible being surrounded by so much plant life.


I was touring my garden at twilight like I often do and had a few moments to snap some shots.

tulipa tarda
Tulipa tarda poking up amongst a Primula marginata. Botanical tulips have such a classical beauty.

podophyllum spotty dotty
This is the nicest my Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’┬áhas ever looked, Rich mottled foliage, multiple leaves, this plant is truly living art. What’s better buds have appeared on the two specimens in my collection which is a first for me. Must have enjoyed our mild winter.

Dicentra cucullaria
Dicentra cucullaria, a rare Bleeding Heart species.

Another beautiful day in Victoria B.C.

Until next time.

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