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Events and Sales

It was a sunny day in Victoria today and Seedy Saturday was a success. The event was much bigger then last year, overall more vendors and more people roaming about. I was pleased to see a finer variety of potted plants aside of a great selection of seed, there was a lot to tempt ones wallet. I had a premonition on such temptations and decided to visit with only so much cash on hand. Needless to say the cash was gone in 30 minutes and in and it’s place was a big bag of seed. I was happy to visit the “The Friends of Government House Gardens Society” booth where I got 18 packs of strange and unusual seeds for a modest donation. The fine people from Twining Vine Garden were also there offering some of the most exotic and exciting seeds at the entire event.  There were a lot of booths to look at offering all kinds of products. Prices ranged from a cheap to rich and sometimes one might question if you were buying seeds or fancy “organic” packaging. Either way it was a lot of fun and I was happy to get a hit of garden geekdom on my day off. Below is the spoils of war.

Just a reminder to any and all Vancouver island plant geeks that Seedy Saturday is this weekend. It’s worth a peak, last year I found a couple interesting specimens. Might as well start the season off right with more completely unnessisary plant spending. Heritage vegetable seeds, bulbs and various other exhibitions. For more information www.jamesbaymarket.com/seedysaturday/seedysaturday.htm .

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