Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

Why I like This Plant

Sometimes a plant just stands out. 

Today’s favorite plant, Macleaya cordata; otherwise known as the Plume Poppy. Slender stems feature snowflake inspired leafs cast in a blue hued green.  I bought this plant in mid spring, potted it up into a larger container and it’s done nothing but impress ever since. It’s vigorous growth and generous blooming time is always well received. It maintains a presence in a late season garden full of countless eligible rivals. After the blooms fade the seed heads are equally as pleasing. Rumor has it once established seedlings will appear and you’ll have more to share with friends. Another wierd plant that is easy to grow, in sun/partial shade, with regular watering.

Macleaya cordata

Plume Poppy Flowers

Spent seed heads

plume poppy leaf

“Cascading golden groundcover plastered with multitudes of emerald starlight blooms. “

So far a pleasing plant, Campanula ‘Dickson’s Gold’ is a slow creeping campanula, grown for it’s golden foliage and it’s striking blue flowers. Reliable and hardy down to -23C, give Campanula ‘Dickson’s Gold’ a sunny well drained spot and it should please for many years to come. In spring it is easily divided into other specimens and also grows true from seed. While doing the weekly availability I snapped a couple mindblowing photos of this plant. For some reason we have 10 perfect flats of this Campanula that aren’t moving. Hopefully these photos will do the trick, the garden centers of Victoria need to develop some taste. Beautiful!

Mr Nat. Gardener, Plant Nerd
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