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time lapse

A couple months ago I bought a new HD Time Lapse camera. My old one just wasn’t cutting it, this one is incredible. I set it up from late September to mid November watching the main tropical stage of my garden get deconstructed for the winter. It’s a neat effect.

Autumn Moving Into Winter : A Garden Time Lapse from Nat Marcano on Vimeo.

Sadly Vimeo and/or Youtube downgrade the quality greatly taking away from a video with so much detail. Guess I’ll save the high res version for sleep overs. Enjoy!

So the ammarlyis time lapse is finally finished, IE the flowers are done and faded so it was time to check the plant cam. It didn’t work out exactly as I had planned but it’s interesting to watch none the less. I’ll work out the glitches and there should be many more videos in the coming year. For the moment here it is.

A week ago my amaryllis started showing it’s buds and I setup my handy plant cam to capture the process via time lapse. If your looking for an interesting christmas gift your a plant nerd husband / wife / son / daughter, look no further, wingscape released this plant cam a couple years ago and it’s quite the neat toy. I’ve embedded an example of what it can do down below, so far this is the best example I’ve seen so far.  I should have my video ready in a week or so, stay tuned for something amazing!

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Tips and tales about gardening in one of the most mild climates in Canada. Specializing in rare and strange plants from far out destinations, this is the story of an obsessed young gardener in Victoria B.C. Let's create more tropical gardens in the garden city on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.
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