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Overtime Season Day 8: If ever see another marigold again I think I might be sick.

For the longest time orchids intimidated me. Perhaps it was their exotic look, seemingly unusual growth habit, or the fact that the majority of them have a $35.00 price tag and up. Contrary to popular belief orchids are extremely easy plants to grow. Having your orchid survive for years on end seems impossible to some but with a little research success can be yours. I bought this Phalaenopsis hybrid at Garden Works in the off season for the awesome price of $10.00. It was out of flower at the time and looked rather uninteresting, still I knew it had some hidden beauty. Nearly 3 months later it rewarded me with these incredible blooms. In the end I think it was almost more exciting¬† to buy this orchid out of flower, as I didn’t know what to expect. Sure enough, with a little patience I was rewarded for my efforts. Amazing!

Overtime Season: Day 7 – Two 11 hr shifts in a row, No. Big. Deal.

I know slugs are supposed to be a gardeners worst enemy, but they’ve never bothered me much. Slugs are the least of our pest problems at the greenhouse, and I rarely see damage caused by these small mollusk visitors. I do on occasion find them sleeping under flats, eying up tasty foliage or otherwise looming about. Still their impact on our crops is minimal and given the chance I try to relocate them to somewhere safe and out of the way. It doesn’t seem fair to squish them on sight, most of the time they’re lounging about looking quite relaxed. Here’s is what I believe to be a European black slug lounging about a sisyrinchium leaf. He doesn’t look so mean does he?


Overtime Season: Day 4

Today was exceptionally busy at the greenhouse. While doing the weekly availability this morning, I looked up to the sky to see this interesting bird migration in progress. It’s always fascinated me , what an interesting natural phenomenon. It was good luck that I had my camera handy as I’ve witnessed this effect dozens of times and I’ve never got a shot until today. Beautiful, I guess spring really is in the air.

Overtime Season: Day 3

You know you can find a garden in the most unlikely of places. A friend of mine dabbles with gardening and although he takes a completely different approach to it then myself, he ends up with some beautiful results. A busy guy by nature, he spends much of his time following electronic music, longboarding, snowboarding and chasing women. All of these ambitions mixed with a fulltime + job leads to very little time for one’s garden. Sometime’s his container garden gets a bit crispy in the summer, and yet some things just thrive. A perfect example of this is his sempervivum pots.

Incredible to say the least, he’s got a good collection of different varieties and they always look extremely healthy. Here is a plant that thrives in dry conditions, sometimes my garden is a bit too lush and semps don’t enjoy wet feet. He sent me this photo the other day and I thought it worthy to put up here.
If you want a low maintenance garden pot, try out sempervivums, fool proof and awesome!


It’s officially hit, we started to lower fuchsia baskets today, only 800 this weekend, bagging, tagging, racking and wrapping. No. Big Deal.

Overtime Season: Day 2

Proven Winner’s Tiger Stripe Gazania’s – The perfect flat, all in flower.

The flowers open and close with the sun and would do best in a well drained position, preferably south facing where it gets cooked all day. Although these plants are certainly drought tolerant do make sure they are established before you leave them to a world of neglect.¬† Gazania’s are incredible plants and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple over winter in my garden here and there. The intensity of their flowers is unmatched by any other annual in our 2″ basket stuffer lineup. This flat was breath taking to say the least. The variegated leaves are a nice touch on this Proven Winner variety.

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