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Monday marks the first real day of 606 spring bedding shipping. Sure we’ve shipped the odd flat here and there, but it’s not until this week that things get really insane. We’ll be shipping over 1000 flats this week, and it won’t stop for a month and a half. This is the true overtime season, the time that separates the weak from the strong, long days, petunia hysteria and impatient delirium. 2 bays of Seed Geraniums will also begin to ship next week which will indeed be a busy process. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this for a months, it feels like forever, and then in a flash, things will slow down in mid June. As I did the weekly availability I snapped some shots of the up and coming 606 spring bedding. This is one of the nicest crops of spring annuals I’ve seen in a while, hoping it will be an easy pull. More updates on my exhaustion to come, for now pictures of out of flower 606 spring bedding. What interesting textures these leaves have.

Identifying annuals out of flower
For those of you that have trouble identifying annuals in and around town, this should help. Sometimes it’s tough identifying annuals out of flower, here’s a quick visual guide!  No it’s not a weed, it’s an annual!

Cosmos sonata

Cleome spinosa – Spider flower

Lemon Scented Tagetes





Dusty Miller

Gazania – Treasure Flower





EDIT! For those who were curious what a 606 pack is, it’s a flat of 6, 6 packs. 36 plants a flat, 6 plants a pack.  So many annuals!

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