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It rained on Monday, actually it poured. I knew from the moment I stepped outside. The air was calm and the skies were silver, while driving to work a gentle spatter of water began to pour. I wore shorts the entire day, and although I got quite wet, it wasn’t exactly unpleasant. The rain came as quick as it went, and by 5:00pm the skies had opened up to sunshine again. Just in time to get off work.  The whole experience reminded me of hurricane season in the Mayan Riviera. Stepping out in the back the whole place glowed green. I can’t put my finger on it but plants look different after a rainstorm. There is a lushness in their leaves, the greens are deeper and unlike handwatering, nature does a thorough job. As an added bonus I get a day off watering, time I get to put towards other things. Like..? Blogging about plants? Apparently~!

The weather made for some really excellent raindrop photos. Leaves have the most unusual waterproofing, it almost defies gravity.

Raindrops on a crocosmia leaf.

Ginko Waterdrop

Sophora moisture fractal

Grass fishing rods.

Senecio water back drop.

This water droplet almost has a picture in it. Print it and frame it!

I really love this photograph, Eryngium ‘Jade Frost’. If taken out of context it reminds of some sort of intergalactic space station. Good inspiration for a painting someday.

A closer look.

Absolutely Surreal.

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather while it lasts. Autumn’s been creeping around scaring children.

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