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Just a quick post on the topic of taking pictures of plants. Today I went out a bought a Canon Rebel EOS XS as an early birthday gift to myself (my birthday is on Tuesday). I suppose with all the photographs I’ve been taking latley I’ve been craving a better camera. If I’m going to invest all of this time, shouldn’t the quality of my work be at a higher level. I don’t know.

So far I’m unsure of my new purchase, I guess I’ve been using point and click digitals for the last 8 years and this one seems unnessesarily complex. There is no comparision in the image quality, but the larger heavier size and complex controls are making me question my decision. I’m trying to decide if I’m just being stubborn in having to learn how to use a new piece of equipment, or if this is just more tech then I need. I’ve read the manual, spent a couple hours playing around and it still feels pretty unnatural. Point and shoot or SLR, that is the question. I have 14 days to return it so I’m going to read up on how to use it and make my decision in a couple days. What do you think?

Photo taken by my Canon Elph sd1200

Taken by the Canon Rebel XS

Taken by the Canon Rebel XS

Taken by the Canon Rebel XS

5 Responses to Happy Birthday to me… stepping it up in plant photography.

  • Masha says:

    You made a great choice, that camera is really good, you just need to learn how to use it. I am working on a post on some tips for close-up photography:-). I am not professional, but I love photography.

  • Octomactoe says:

    Have you ever considered playing around with Kirlian photography? There are a great deal of debate out there as to what these types of photos actually “mean”, but whether or not you think there is meaning or not, it’s pretty damn cool either way.

  • teza says:

    Always a dilemma! I remember the first time I picked up one of the ‘chunkier’ Canon’s and thought exactly the same thing. Give it time. Play around with it, you’re not likely to break it, and when you finally get into the groove of things….. you’ll never go back. Especially with the vast array of lenses that are available. If you’re into macro photography, there is none better! Happy Birthday by the way!

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