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Overtime Season: Day 7 – Two 11 hr shifts in a row, No. Big. Deal.

I know slugs are supposed to be a gardeners worst enemy, but they’ve never bothered me much. Slugs are the least of our pest problems at the greenhouse, and I rarely see damage caused by these small mollusk visitors. I do on occasion find them sleeping under flats, eying up tasty foliage or otherwise looming about. Still their impact on our crops is minimal and given the chance I try to relocate them to somewhere safe and out of the way. It doesn’t seem fair to squish them on sight, most of the time they’re lounging about looking quite relaxed. Here’s is what I believe to be a European black slug lounging about a sisyrinchium leaf. He doesn’t look so mean does he?


3 Responses to For The Month of May: Plant Photo of The Day – Greenhouse Slugs

  • Mark and Gaz says:

    You’re one of the few ones to pay homage to them Nat! 🙂 I can imagine Vine Weevil is more of a problem in the nursery trade, is that right?

  • Helen says:

    I do not have symthathy for slugs. They eat most of my plants. I planted marigold the other day and now they are all leafless. You must have sluggish slugs. 🙂

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