Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

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  • Nancy says:

    Hi, I would like to buy some plants from you. How do I go about that? I know your in victoria but where? thanks

  • anna song says:

    i love your comments…..the pic of your finest propagation made me LOL! I’ve have recently fallen in love with succulents….i would love to read what you have to share…..continue being excited, and see my IG page if you like, i usually post succulents in Vintage containers….take care enjoy the summer!

  • Wilber says:

    Just found your site and wow! I have some questions about plants and gardening. Would love to chat more with you and maybe even see if you have some stuff to offer. Do you send your direct e-mail address to correspond with?

  • Georgina says:

    I just stumbled upon your site while looking into the real name of my ‘dot plant’, pilea peperomoidies. I thought you may enjoy hearing the story of bringing ‘Dot’ into my life. I was living in Rossland, BC back in the early 80’s and a friend gave me one slip from her dot plant. I raised it and spread it’s babies far and wide. I lived in BC, Quebec, Alberta, and the Yukon, always having a mother plant in my home and sending off her babies to friends and other plant freaks! It always remained a mystery about the name of the plant as I never found it in a book or in a plant store. I just thought of it as a magical green web spread amongst fortunate plant lovers. Kind of like a secret club! According to the Wikipedia entry I read on the plant, it seems that it made it’s way around Scandinavia via the same way I had been spreading it here in Canada.
    I still have Dot in my life, but I think it must be a great grandchild of that slip I received back in the 80’s. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could trace the heritage of all the dot plants in Canada? I’m sure they must all be related!

  • Danny Dixon says:

    I stumbled onto your website tonight while surfing the net for garden supplies and plants. Your site is delightful….I love your honest, casual and friendly style of writing. You write and communicate so well! Thank you for sharing your passion for gardening and landscaping. As another fan said in his post. I am so glad to see other guys proud of their love of plants. I wish you the best in your plant love affair. If you ever start selling seeds or plants, please put me on your distribution list….I’d love to support your business.

  • Kailey says:

    Great blog dude. I’m a young gardener at 32 so it’s fun to read into some of your past adventures etc. Keep up the hard work and if your ever in the comox area I would love your perspective on possible additions to my future PNW oasis.

  • Dale Doebert says:

    Beautiful pictures. I’m the gardener in that section of BHP. I get spoilt seeing the beauty.Time to smell the roses I guess.

  • Trace says:

    Hi there – love your site, love your blog. I officially jumped on the ‘succulent obsessed’ bandwagon this past summer, so this is the first winter where I have brought the collection inside. I have several flowering, but in particular an Echevaria Macrophylla that has a shoot on it that’s now over 3 feet tall…….I am not sure if I should leave it or cut it off. Any advice from you or your readers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from Brentwood Bay 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    Hello, I’m from Belgium.
    What a web site and so many beatifull plants. Do you already know the name of the spotted tradescantia. I’ve never seen it before ?

  • Lykel Hoekstra says:

    Noticed your display in the YAM Magazine.
    We are very interested in the Stack Horn Firn
    We wil look you up a.s.a.p.


  • Elisa says:


    I’ve just discovered Zaluzianskya capensis in your photography at night post. It really look beautiful!

    I’d like to show you some of my pictures taken at the Scilly Islands, Uk, where I have just been with a group of volunteers of the Natural History Museum in London for collecting plants, http://www.flickr.com/photos/81267393@N08/, and I’d like to ask you if this http://www.flickr.com/photos/81267393@N08/7576439582/in/photostream could be a Puya. Those islands are affected by mild currents and many tropical species are perfectly acclimated.

    Thanks and enjoy

  • Steve Mckinney says:

    “Upon closer inspection this gentian’s flower is a real work of art. Out of this world beautiful, a perfect landing pad for a busy bumble bee. The dots inside are actually protruded bumps and the flower is comprised of a hard plastic-like casing and frilly soft petals when in full bloom. What an amazing shade of blue.”

    Quote from you, This is a vision not many have, even the large greenhouse owner I worked for he was all money.

    My first realization was at 3 years old, I walked up to a mass of Blooming orange Oriental poppies and the wounder over whelmed me.

    So your symbiotic relationship is obvious. Like a lichen growing on your hands What shall you do?

    May I indulge in another analogy? When a person goes to purchase tennis shoes it is overwhelming the colors shapes, sizes and name brands. Nothing wrong with color shapes styles. They are found in all plants. Once you see beyond all that you have found your pearl
    How will you culture yours.

    I will assume your your own web master, looks good. You have purchased your new camera for the logical reason. You are getting a growers training. You sound personable, And your every extra minute is plant obsession witch may need some tempering.
    In general your ready

    There are many ways to go about it some I learned the hard way some from grower experience. It will be a fine line selling and studying Will one consume the other?

    There was a day when some one said to me why don’t you open your own nursery.?

    Sound crazy ha
    Steve. AKA flying squirrel


  • Leandro Schwertner Charão says:


    I see your site when search information about Cactus, i am
    a lover of plants and i collect plants.

    I have a question, you know “Borojo” a fruit tree of Colombia, that juice is wonderful? because i need
    maybe is possible us change plants or seeds?

    good luck

    Leandro S Charão

  • Rose says:

    Love your web site. What an accomplishment at such a young age. I would be interested in ordering some stock to start my own plant hoarding biz.

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