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While checking on the downstairs plant lab the other day I noticed my Streptocarpus had started to flower. It’s an unlikely time of year for exotic blooms but I suppose it’s loving life under my new grow light setup. Native to South Africa, Streptocarpus is a relative to African Violets. I’m somewhat new to this genus of plants but so far it’s proven to be a tough, easy to grow specimen. The flowers are out of this world vibrant, almost iridescent.

A nice plant indeed. If anyone might know the species please get in touch.

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  • The Victoria Gardener says:

    Thanks for the advice. I don’t know the name of it, I bought it at a garage sale from an old lady. It looked as if she was producing them as I got a nice little euphorbia trigona as well.

  • Amanda says:

    I love streps! I have several of them among my 60-70 odd violets. I’ve gotten into them this year and have been really pleased. 🙂 That’s a pretty one that you have! Do you know the name of it? Where did you purchase yours?

    Streps will bloom a good portion of the year. Each leave will produce a certain number of blooms. After a while, it will stop producing. To get more blooms, prune leaves to encourage more leaf growth. 🙂

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