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As promised here’s a photo of the newly repotted Sinningia leucotricha. Something that would only excite a plant nerd, but I love it’s strange woody tuber.

As you may have noticed the tag says it was repotted in 2003, meaning this specimen is at least 7 years old . It’s been producing lots of little growing points probably waiting for a hit of good weather and sunshine. Can’t wait to see it in action next summer.  Counting the days… Really…

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  • Daisy Debs says:

    A beautiful and healthy looking plant indeed ! Mine is looking very sad …. not giving up on it yet though .

  • Darlene says:

    It’s so good to know there are other “plant nerds” out there! I just got a beautiful Sininngia leucotricha, and it sure is a lovely little thing! It came bare root, or tuber, and I am searching for growing tips. I already have cactus growing medium, so maybe I will try that. Another of my plants that I just love are called African Spears, in the vernacular, but I believe they are a sempervivum of some sort. Mine are doing well and spreading out, but I think it will take awhile for them to look like spears. Guess they’d rather be in the Congo than central PA in winter!

    Thank you for an enjoyable visit in your garden. I intend to visit more in the future.

  • Rémi Vachon says:

    I’m from north of québec and really like having différent plants from the world.
    I only have few.
    Your garden is splendid.
    Do you have any seeds that you can sell (or give)?
    Tkanh you

  • Debbie says:

    Thankyou , it is now in a tiny bit bigger pot . Its little leaves haves drooped abit , I guess shock…I expect it will recover soon .

  • The Victoria Gardener says:

    I’ve only grown this plant for a year, but everything I’ve read online tells me it’s extremely easy to grow and isn’t fussy. My own experience says the same. A good time to pot up most plants is when they start actively growing, but really, the best time to repot is whenever you get around to do so. If you’re careful you can expose the top of the tuber for an added effect, I don’t think you’ll have any problems. 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    I just bought one of these at a local cactus show …and was thrilled to see the pics of yours here . Now hope you dont mind me asking …when is the best and safest time to repot this strange plant . The tuber of mine is overflowing and distorting its tiny 2 inch pot ? : )

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