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Acacia pravissima, native to the southern interior of Australia, seems to be coping well with our cool Victoria weather. Time change happened today, and darkness fell earlier then ever. While I have moved more then 150 plants of all shapes and sizes to warmer homes, some have been left to challenge the weather on their own. It’s a bit of a sick game I know but I’ve got to test the boundaries of the plant zones. Acacia pravissima is listed as a Zone 8a (-12C) of which it has the potential to survive this climate. I’ve read stories on Dave’s Garden that people have successfully grown this species in Seattle and Portland Oregon. I’m giving it a shot, and have faith in my frilly leafed friend.

The other day while doing my usual garden meander, I noticed small little globes developing on the stems of A. pravissima. Being native to the southern hemisphere could this plant be confused and think summer is right around the corner? This is hardly the case, temperatures have been dipping down to 2-3 degrees CelsiusĀ and I’ve seen at least one frost on the window of my car in the morning. Still it seems perfectly happy. Being somewhat susceptible to it’s roots freezing in it’s pot I’ve placed a good amount of straw around it’s base. If we have a mild winter it should be covered in yellow flowers by December. I will keep you updated.

Physostegia ssp in the background.

4 Responses to Specimen Photo: Acacia pravissima buds

  • The Victoria Gardener says:

    It didn’t survive the winter. šŸ™ I did on the other hand spot one at a nursery the other day, they grow large if given the opportunity. Incredible with yellow flowers.

  • Anna K says:

    So, now a few years after you wrote this post – what have you learned? Did it survive that nasty 2013 winter? If so, how big is it now? I would love to know… it truly is a spectacular plant! Thanks!

  • Mark and Gaz says:

    I love Acacia pravissima, with it’s unique habit and foliage. I hope it carries on doing well for you so you get a lovely display of flowers. Keep us updated!

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