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A few weeks back I received a small packet of “Aloe polyphylla” seeds acquired via Ebay on the cheap.¬†Fresh from China, a cheap supply perhaps? Why not give it a shot. Shipping took a little longer than normal but arrive they did. As soon as they arrived I setup to get growing. Sterilized cactus soil check, humidity chamber, uh huh. I sowed the seeds, and began to wait. A few days later little sprouted seeds all came to life. Success was mine. Of course as they started to grow it became pretty apparent these weren’t aloe seedlings. Come to think of it, any aloe seeds I’ve sown before¬†didn’t look like these either. I’d been dooped, swindled and made a fool. Ebay quickly refunded payment after this photograph.

Seed hoax

Good for a laugh. I just ordered some more seed from South Africa to give it a go again.

Aloe polyphylla
Aloe polyphylla profile

Aloe polyphylla spikes
My oldest seed grown specimen planted out in the garden for the season.

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