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Things remain busy at work but definitely calmer then before. The garden is looking incredible and I see something new almost everyday. With all this great June weather also comes a busy watering schedule. My entire garden is hand watered which can be a bit of a task day to day, still I take it as a meditation to absorb whats going on. Today while puttering about I noticed the compact buds of a sedum spathulifolium (Pacific Broadleaf Stonecrop). I found this specimen on Reid Island 3 years ago and it’s been doing great in my garden ever since. Needless to say, I took some great macro photos of the buds prior to them opening.

The buds are no bigger then a loonie, but pack in a world of detail any artist would be intimated by.

Close up Shot. Nature is truly the most magnificent artist in existence. What amazing detail on such a small scale.

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