Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

The other day while walking around with my camera I cocked my head to the left and noticed a rather impressive succulent collection in a window. Within a flash I rotated quickly, pointed my camera, snapped the shot, and was on my way. The elusive plant spy strikes again.

A nice collection indeed!

Looks like an opuntia on the left,  and a rather strange bulbis looking succulent on the right, perhaps related to an echivera? I do not know.

Sedum morganianum “burros tail” looking happy and healthy.

Some very nice specimens, I’m impressed.

Moments later I had barley taken more then 10 steps when a truck with a large tropical drove by. They didn’t see it coming, the camera stealthily positioned, I nabbed the shot. Jab, Kick, Bang, The Plant Spy strikes again.

You know the hobby has gotten to an obsessive level when… There is no turning back now.

I got the idea from a blog many years ago that showcased window gardens they walked by, I think I might continue doing this as I encounter them as well. Also as a award to the people who’s plants I photographed today, free plants if you see your window garden / plants showcased on this website. I have no shortage of them and you deserve to be acknowledged. PLANT SPY!

6 Responses to Plant Spying – The act of spying on people’s plants.

  • Masha says:

    This sounds like fun. I’d like to look at more window gardens:). I take pictures of other people’s gardens too, occasionally…

  • Heather says:

    I love to plant spy. I worry that if the owners saw me, what they may think. Hopefully they know I am just jealous & loving their style. I have taken lots of photos of others homes and gardens. I love what they have done and just admiring their work.

    Thanks for the great advise on the Avocado pit. I think I will just toss the one I have in some soil and see if anything happens and try others that we get. Good to know!

    I have liked reading and looking at all your photos. Looking forward to updates.

  • Nat says:

    I figure it’s all in good fun, I’m not exactly walking up their lawn creeping around their house. The apartment is on a main drag, the shot was taken from the sidewalk. I fill my window to the brims with plants and wouldn’t be offended to see my neighbors taking a glance, personally I’d be flattered.

  • Mark and Gaz says:

    Nice one Nat! I occasionally do the same thing too and have been impressed with what others achieve, both small and big spaces.

    Just be careful when taking photos, they might think you’re stalking 😀

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