Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

Physostegia virginiana is a great plant for maintaining summer color when the rest of the garden starts to calm down. Native to many parts of North America, Physostegia virginiana otherwise known as the obedient plant is an interesting specimen indeed. When you twist the flowers on the stalk of the plant they stay where you leave them, thus it’s common name obedient plant. These seem to operate on some sort of plant like hinge, it really is the strangest thing. Physostegia virginiana comes in pink, violet and white and really has a lot to offer the late summer garden. The plant is care free and pest resistant and requires very little attention. Regular watering and sun to partial shade should lead to success. Some caution should be used when planting out in the garden due to it’s possible invasiveness as it spreads via underground rhizome. I opted to plant mine in a pot as to avoid such problems. While you don’t see these everyday, it’s not exactly uncommon either, give it a try if you happen to spot one. A great plant for the collection.

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