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So there I am in a garden center on a Tuesday afternoon in January and I think to myself, “when did this happen?”. The aisles are crowded with retirees and not a young person in sight. Am I the only one crazy enough at this age to be lost in the gentle wave botanical absent mindedness. I digress…

So we have a new plant to the collection today, my girlfriend noticed it instantly and insisted we take it home.

A cactus I believe to be a…

Parodia Haselbergii

Now I don’t generally make a habit of buying plants in flower but when it comes to cacti, it always feels more worthwhile. This was a particularly beautiful specimen what with it’s globular shape, uniform spines, and vibrant (fragrant) orange flowers.  When I was first trying to ID this cacti the other day I mistook it for a rebutia muscula which looks quite similar. Upon further inspection you’ll notice the Parodia Haselbergii Flowers from the center, where the rebutia flowers from the base, I read somewhere that this is an easy way to determine the difference.

The flowers have a light citrus smell if your daring enough to take a sniff, it’s quite unique

Cacti in this family were formally known as Notocactus until the early 1900’s when botanists agreed to call them Parodias.  The genus Parodia was named after the Argentine botanist Lorenzo Raimundo Parodi (1895-1966) to acknowledge his work in the field of cacti. These cacti are known for being easy cacti for beginners which is always good news to me. I have enough fussy plants as is.

For a more in depth description of this cactus visit  Dr. Giuseppe MAZZA as he has some of the most useful data I could find online about this species. Furthermore his site is worth looking into a bit deeper as he offers a great variety of information and has lived quite the interesting life.

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