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So it’s been raining all week in Victoria and it’s a mere 10 days before Christmas. Here’s another blog on Plant Hoarding where I discuss my latest horitcultural find.

Anacampseros Rufescens

Information on Anacampsero is few and far between online, I’ve spent the great part of an hour seeking out the origins of this plant with very little concrete data. From what I can find the word Anacampsero is from the Greek word Anakampto, to recover and eros: love. The genus yeilds from South Africa and more notably Namibia. It flowers in mid spring with a showy little pink/purple flower that is mildly fragrant.

Although this specimen was a little more pricey then I would have hoped for (2″ pot at GW for 7.50! gasp) It’s quite a unique plant. Similar to an echeveria or other succulent it has a form unique to itself. I enjoy it’s miniature leaf rossettes and it’s small white hairs that give it an even stranger look. The nurseryman who grew mine must have seeded heavily because there are a ton of little seedlings growing next to the main specimen.  The other day I separated them all into other miniature 1″ thimble pots in hopes of creating a few more.  I’ll update you on their success later.

Anacampseros Rufescens Seedlings are easily propagated from fresh seed.

Quick Fact

Hardy in zones 9-11 this plant
Sun to partial shade
no frost!

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