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Hello flower people.

So it’s no secret that I’m a complete junk hunter. I love garage sale, thrift stores, and the all too famous Victoria free box. Being the plant fiend that I am I’m always looking for pots for sale at these venues and end up with quite an mismatched assortment. Over the past year and a bit I’ve started to collect one kind in particular. So far I have four of them, all aquired at different places, on different days, all made by the same person/company. Perhaps they’reĀ  a mass produced overseas product, or a vintage collectors item. Either way I have a bizarre fascination with them and I’m always pleased to add another one to my collection. Made in Japan is stamped on the bottom, clever botanical drawings on the front of each one. Awesome!

If anyone has one of these in their collection and would be willing to part with it, let me know. They’re pretty cool!

3 Responses to Painted Flower Pots Made In Japan

  • I have one of the flower pots I believe to be part of the set you have. It is stamped Japan into the pottery on bottom and has purple flowers. Mine however has a mattching “suacer”. It has the dark ring around the top just like the pot. Please let me know if you are still interested as I was taking it to sell in my antique space. A quick response is appreciated.

  • Marjorie M says:

    I have a question about your pots. Do you know the maker’s name ?
    I bought a couple of plants pots that have a very similar kind of design.
    But there’s nothing written on them. No stamp or anything.
    I’m dying to find out more about them.
    Yours are really pretty. Thanks for the photo.
    Thanks for your help, have a good day.

  • I like small plants because it doesn’t need a wide yard. We can just put them on balcony or anywhere even indoor. The pots made in Japan looks so cute. I think it suitable to put it in family room or parlor. Thanks for showing them.

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