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It’s that time of year again, Iris reticulata pokes it’s head up and ushers in spring. Planted in fall this is one of the first things to bloom in early spring/late winter. It’s a delicate little plant with remarkable color and a rather cute stature. Native to Turkey this plant has become a world renowned favorite, sure to please those lusting for color at this gray time of year. Over the weekend the rest of our Reticulata crop opened in almost perfect synchronicity. They all seemed to bloom at the same time and when we returned to work on Monday this is what we saw.


5 Responses to It’s Flowering: Iris Reticulata

  • Owen says:

    Thanks for the comment on my Amorphophallus post. It’s too bad they didn’t work out for you…which species were you growing? I’ve read that some are susceptible to fungus and require a coarse medium with lots of drainage, while some do much better in thick, organically-rich media. Good luck with them this year!

    Your irises are beautiful. I love the way they smell–like hallucinogenic root beer.

  • Mark and Gaz says:

    Hi Nat, after seeing all those beautiful Iris’ in a recent show I think I’m getting hooked on them. Gorgeous bright flowers, it’s great to see your photos of them in bloom, en masse too!

  • Andrew says:

    This plant always looks so good in pictures, love the perspective in the first shot. Hopefully the plants I put out in the garden last fall will put on a decent show this spring… And then I’ll have to get more.

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