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I recently bought this Tiger Jaw Plant (Faucaria tigrina) at Brentwood Bay Nurseries on impulse. I’m a real sucker for succulents and cacti and this winter the window sills will be packed. While haphazardly perusing the succulent area I stumbled upon this freshly budded specimen and had to have it. Within a week it’s flower opened and I snapped these photos today. Interesting!

Apparently the flowers only last a couple days so I was happy to have noticed when I did.

Another amazing succulent from South Africa. This is quickly becoming a place I must visit. The plant’s strange hooked barbs sometimes look like the snarly face of a jungle cat, thus it’s common name Tiger Jaw.

Another oddity added to the collection…

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  • I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Brentwood Bay Nursery. I’ve lived in Sidney for 32 years!!! On the weekend I bought my first ever winter veggies for my new gardens. Found them at Marigold and Elk Lake. I will be finding and checking out BBN. Thank you for bringing this oversight to my attention! 🙂

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