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So it’s no secret that we converted my girlfriend’s bedroom into a winter plant sanctuary in mid October. Due to the fact that the plant collection had become more excessive then intended, winter came and there was simply not enough room in my side of the house for the plants to stay warm.¬† We set up a couple grow lights on timers, and the rest is history.

Today my girlfriend came over and told me she found mushrooms growing in a couple of the pots in her room. Although I find them interesting I am far from a mushroom expert. If anyone can ID them I’d be curious to know more. Fascinating little specimens indeed!

What’s weirder still both varieties of mushrooms occurred when the soil was almost completely dry (we were gone for Christmas break)
Both types appeared only in my Datura pots, the mushrooms above in the standard yellow flowered brugmansia and the one’s below in a purple/white¬† flowered datura.

A couple weeks ago I was sprinkling cinnamon on the odd thing to discourage some fungus I saw growing. These mushrooms grew right above a patch I had sprinkled. Coincidence?

2 Responses to Houseplant Mushrooms – Datura Fungi

  • Geoffrey Kibby says:

    These are almost certainly species of Pholiotina (also known as Conocybe) distinguished by the small ring on the stem and having brown spores. To determine the species would require specialist literature and a microscope. They are quite common in tropical plantings, flower pots etc.
    Regards, Geoffrey

  • Jim Jones says:

    Did you ever get an ID on the mushrooms growing with your Datura? We also have them and they came up about a week or so ago.

    Jim & Jane

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