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Today I spent 8 hours Sorting, Cleaning and spacing hybrid primulas. Although you’d think I’d hate these things after handling over 20,000 a season, I can’t help but to love their early spring color. Hybrid primulas are definitely a bargain, ranging anywhere between $1.00-$1.50 you can get a beautiful primula that will produce 100’s of flowers before anything else in the garden even gets started.

So far work is going great this year. I guess after two trips to the tropics, I’m well rested. I have considering trying different jobs in the field of horticulture but I have a hard time leaving a place with such an abundance of greenery. Good people and tea at break, life could be a lot worse. The visuals of this job are a real bonus, and greenhouses mimic tropical climates on a sunny day.

Iris “reticulata” in full bloom

Whenever I get fed up with my job I try to remind myself that life is not as bad as one makes it out to be. I think the main strain runs on the 40-50 hour work weeks, week after week, month after month. At that point it doesn’t matter where you work, your mind will get frustrated with the pure concept of never being home. The endless work week tends to put a strain on relationships, creative endeavors (such as this) and plain and simple “Cold Chilling“. Of course in the end this is life and for the most part I’m quite happy where I am. I’m excited to see what 2011 has to offer.

Greenhouses at sunrise.

Greenhouses at sunrise, a yellow beam of morning light.

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  • Barry Parker says:

    What a wonderful moment seeing the sunrise over the greenhouses. This is the reward for early risers!

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