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Keeping with the theme of this weekend, I decided to burn off a Chinese food hangover and go for a walk around Government House gardens. It’s a beautiful property to roam when you find yourself with a little extra time to kill. Unlike Buchart gardens or Abakazi, Government House doesn’t request an entrance fee which makes it a favorite for a quick garden blitz. It’s amazing how much has popped up in the last month and  a half. The gardens are waking up and rubbing their sore tired eyes, there is certainly a good reason to go out and wonder. Spring bulbs, primulas, hellebores and even the odd rhododendron are saying hello to the new year. I’m so excited for spring!

More hellebores looking amazing.

These hellebores have just started to open. “Wake up Mr hellebore”.
Did a grown man just write that, I’am shocked and ashamed. I digress.

Troves of galanthus snowdrops,  I love seeing established plantings of these.

Did i mention snowdrops… “Where!?” “I can’t see them”

You know spring has sprung when Primula Denticulata is flaunting it’s stuff.

What looks like a planting of euphorbia blackbird.

Another spring favorite, winter aconite grows in small clusters like patches of gold nuggets.

Something you tend to forget about in summer is how beautiful and wild gary oaks look without their leaves. Much like a fractal, their branches resemble the form of lightning and are worthy of much awe and wonder.

This concludes my tour of the Government House gardens in February. The grounds were well maintained and dare I say meticulous for this time of year. This month can sometimes be underrated for gardening. Truth be told there was definetly enough to see to keep this plant geek entertained. Perhaps this time of year doesn’t have the size and extravagance of June or July, but it is noteworthy in it’s own way. Visit Government House gardens as soon as you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Government House
1401 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, BC V8S 1V9
(250) 387-2080

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