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It’s officially hit, we started to lower fuchsia baskets today, only 800 this weekend, bagging, tagging, racking and wrapping. No. Big Deal.

Overtime Season: Day 2

Proven Winner’s Tiger Stripe Gazania’s – The perfect flat, all in flower.

The flowers open and close with the sun and would do best in a well drained position, preferably south facing where it gets cooked all day. Although these plants are certainly drought tolerant do make sure they are established before you leave them to a world of neglect.  Gazania’s are incredible plants and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple over winter in my garden here and there. The intensity of their flowers is unmatched by any other annual in our 2″ basket stuffer lineup. This flat was breath taking to say the least. The variegated leaves are a nice touch on this Proven Winner variety.

One Response to For The Month Of May – Plant Photo Of The Day – PW Tiger Stripe Gazania

  • I have two Gazanias left that I started from seed…the orange’s are intense on these flowers. Mine of course does not have the variegated leaves…definitely killed my others with too much watering.

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