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Wow, It’s been absolutely beautiful lately, I think we’re finally saying goodbye to winter. Work is totally insane, orders are piling up, and the undeniable overtime season is upon us. I worked 10.5 hours today, took a long relaxing gaze at my garden after work, and soaked up the simplistic beauty that spring has to offer. The maple leaves are opening, and the horse chestnut in front of my house is a cloud of green. It’s been pretty damp this spring so the whole street is glowing lushness, it’s a feast for the eyes to say the least.

I’ve mentioned this before, but spring is busy, and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Looking for a roommate, birthdays, overtime, girlfriend, my neglected friends and family, GARDENING, oh I sigh as I sip another coffee. I might as well be a humming bird with all the caffeine I indulge in lately, how else can I inspire such a keener sense of energy. I digress

I love blogging and sharing my garden finds with all of you great plant geeks, but this time of year is definitely a challenge to keep up. I’ve been snapping lots of photos, but it takes time to organize them into a decent article. Regardless, for the busy month of May, I have decided that instead of neglecting the blog due to lack of time I will post photos of the day. There is so much going on in the garden right now and there’s some real mind blowing shots to be had. In these busy moments, perhaps we can settle on some nice plant eye candy.

We shall talk soon. Hope your garden is looking as good as mine, SPRING IS HERE!

Plant photo of the day

Certainly my favorite echeveria style succulent in my collection. It has such bizarre colors, I took this photo in the twilight this evening. Someone told me it might be Graptopetalum, but I still can’t get a solid id on it, any help?

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