Exotic Gardening with Rare and Strange Plants

In idle moments I’m often caught day dreaming. Ideas take time to manifest themselves into reality. An art piece might only have taken 30 minutes but a lifetime to dream of. For those with a keen eye and an artist’s soul plant’s are an endless source of inspiration. We want to photograph them, paint them, draw them, and be around them. Plants are living art, and what’s better, they grow and change.

The other afternoon an art attack miraculously happened. I had dreamt up the technique months ago but never put it into action. I’m probably not the first, but certainly not the last, art made with flowers? A temporary gratification of the senses, I darted about the garden collecting my palette. To think in a late summer garden there was still so much in bloom, I had no shortage of supplies. Art made with flowers what a novel idea.

Bet you can’t name them all?

There are so many strange shapes and sizes. Brilliant fades, textures and forms. I thought to myself why would I paint these, when I could arrange them all the same. This art is a bit time sensitive, as noticeable lack luster sets in quickly as the flowers sit lifeless. In a hurry I managed to snap some interesting photographs.

After enjoying this piece for a while I decided to take one more go at it via H20. The results were promising.

I encourage all of you plant geeks to give it a go, art therapy is good for the soul. Get creative, unwind and be free.

5 Responses to Flower Art : Garden Art Attack

  • The Victoria Gardener says:

    The beans are scarlet runners, if left to mature on the vines they become plump and colorful. So cool! Thanks for your compliments, I felt like the garden was calming down but surprisingly there are still quite a lot of blooms hiding about.

  • Candy Suter says:

    Wow how beautiful! What a great idea and I just love it. What are those pink beans in the mix. You must have a really lovely garden if these are all your flowers!

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