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Today I had the unique opportunity to check out my friend John Creviston’s collection of exotic animals. An experienced zookeeper and president of OASES (organization advocating sanctuary endangered species). John is a wealth of information for all things furry, feathered, winged or scaled. Much like the plant world, animals come in all shapes and sizes and are infinitely fascinating for their beauty and mystique. More then just pets, John focuses on better understanding these wonderful creatures in hopes of educating the public about animals at risk. His enthusiasm is contagious, during our morning visit he introduced me to a couple of his friends.

A duo of bearded dragons basking under the December sun.

This cute ball of prickles is the resident hedgehog.

So. Cute.

A gang of pygmy marmosets had their own special enclosure.

Munching on a grub

John specializes in building custom enclosures for exotic animals and pets alike. On sunny days these pygmy marmosets simply stroll down a tube and enjoy the outdoors at their own leisure.

A rare duo of Burmese Star Turtles John cares for.

What an incredible painted shell, nature’s perfection at it’s finest.

Sleepy turtle!

Getting better aquainted with a new addition to the family, this baby monkey tailed skink was born in July. Mama skink doesn’t seem to approve the introduction.

Thanks to John for giving me the full tour! 

Calling all Cat Lover’s in Victoria. Why not enhance your feline friend’s life by getting John to build you an incredible outdoor enclosure. As many of you would agree, letting your cat roam outdoors in the city can be a bit dangerous. John specializes in creating solutions for indoor cats to safely visit the outdoors through custom walkways and cages. Quality workmanship with your pet’s safety and health in mind. Check out his website or follow him on Facebook for more information!


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